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Parking Rules

Driving and Parking in Parking Lots

     All vehicles parked on the school grounds must be registered with the school (no exceptions) and the Manzano High School (MHS) parking tag must be placed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle.
     The cost for the initial purchase of the parking tag is $30 (non-refundable).  Replacement cost for lost or stolen tags will be $30.
Everyone must provide a valid drivers' license, current proof of insurance and state vehicle registration in order to register vehicles. Once vehicles have been registered, the parking tag may be used in any vehicle that is registered to the purchaser.


Policies for Use of MHS Parking Lots:

  1. Parking is strictly limited to designated student parking areas (Wilson Stadium).
  2. No student parking is allowed in faculty or visitor lots.
  3. Violators will be tagged, booted or towed. Citations will be issued.
  4. Enter and exit through designated areas only.
  5. Only seniors may drive their vehicles off campus during lunch (with valid MHS ID card).
  6. Do not access your vehicle during passing periods or school hours.
  7. Only seniors may go to their vehicles during the lunch hour. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  8. Do not park in marked handicap areas.
  9. Do not park in front of “No Parking” and “Bus Loading” signs or gates.
  10. Do not double or triple park or ”box in” a vehicle.
  11. Do not drive recklessly, spin tires, or speed.
  13. No horseplay in parking lots.
  14. Students may not ride in the back of pickup trucks, on the hood/trunk of vehicles, or any other way, which is deemed unsafe.
  15. Do not use administration, faculty, or student lots for loading or unloading.
  16. No loitering in parking lots before or after school, passing periods, or lunch (no exceptions).
  17. Smoking is prohibited in parking lots at all times.
  18. Tags must be returned at the end of the school year, or you will be charged $30.00.
  19. Do not park diagonally and take up two spots! Follow Security Instructions.

     Parking regulations are strictly enforced. It is a privilege, not a right, to drive and park on school grounds. Students in violation of driving and parking regulations listed above risk suspension, revoked driving privileges and/or vehicle being towed, booted, or cited at owner’s expense.

Boot placed on Vehicle

  • Boot will be removed upon payment of a $30 fine.
  • Any attempt to remove boot will result in a $50 fine.
  • Damage to boot may result in a $500 fine.

Anyone applying for and receiving parking permits fully understands their responsibility in following these rules and regulations. Consequences may include but are not limited to suspension of driving privileges, suspension from school, arrest, and/or criminal prosecution.

Anyone who hits/damages another vehicle and fails to report it immediately will lose his/her driving privileges.

Anyone who misuses a MHS parking tag will lose his/her driving privileges (i.e. using a lost/stolen tag, using a friend’s tag, using a fake/altered tag, taking underclassmen off campus in vehicle).