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Directions for Submitting Absence Notes

Submit the following information to student's grade level secretary:

  • Student's Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Grade Level
  • Parent's Name
  • Parent's Phone Number
  • Dates Absent
  • Reason for Absence
  • Brief Comment

Student Attendance

APS Attendance Information

Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to student success. Reducing truancy in school will improve a child’s academic and personal success. You will continue to receive messages regarding your child’s attendance through School Messenger for daily attendance issues, two day truancy, five day truancy and ten day truancy. When a child reaches ten unexcused absences he/she is consider an habitual truant:

NMSA 22.12.9 (A) states that (1) “habitual truant: means a student who has accumulated the equivalent of ten or more unexcused absences within a school year: and, (2) “student in need of early intervention” means a student who has accumulated five unexcused absence within a school year.

As parent your assistance with attendance compliance is critical. Remember that Compulsory School Attendance Law (NMSA section 22-12-1) and City Ordinance (11-10-1 et. Seq.) require that a student must attend school every day with no unexcused absences. 

Unexcused absences include the following:

•    Non-school sponsored activities or trips; and,

•    Family vacations outside of the normally scheduled school breaks.

The following are reasons for an excused absence with the appropriate documentation:

•    Illness

•    Limited family emergencies

•    Medical, health or legal appointments

•    Suspensions

•    Religious commitment

•    Deployment of a military parent

Principals may request additional documentation for excessive excused absences. Also, state law requires schools to withdraw a student after ten consecutive days of absence, but only after the school has exhausted its efforts to keep a student in school using a variety of interventions. We need your help to keep your child in school. We want your child to have academic success.

If your child begins to show a pattern of absences, then you may be contacted by the school and/or a District Attendance Office liaison. They are your resources to help. Welcome the help. When a child is absent he/she loses instructional time, which impairs his/her opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve both personal and academic success.

Attendance Policy (MHS)

Teachers will take attendance within first 10min of class period for each instructional day.

A parent/guardian must notify the school in writing that the student will be/is absent. This documentation can be emailed to the appropriate grade level secretary as soon as you know the student will be out of school. At the latest, a written note can be delivered to the secretary on the day the student returns to school. Phone calls are not accepted. If this documentation is not received within 3 days of the absence the absence cannot and will not be excused.

Absences may be excused for the reasons listed above.

Excessive Absences

Teachers and the school will put interventions in place to help the student get to school and be successful. If a student has excessive absences in a class, they risk being withdrawn with a failing grade and will not receive credit for that class.

A student absent beyond nine days MUST have official documentation confirming one of the following circumstances for the possibility of earning course credit:

  • Medical appointment
  • Court appointment
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Religious commitment
  • Diagnostic testing

If the student’s consecutive absence will exceed three days, please contact the grade level secretary to communicate the need for an approved extended absence.

Leaving Early:

If the student must leave school before the end of the school day, a parent/guardian must come into the office to sign out a student. Students leaving early for an appointment must have a written note from the parent/guardian and must bring documentation of the appointment with the date and time upon return. The secretary will verify the appointment with parent/guardian. The secretary will give student an off campus pass. If the student becomes ill at school, he/she must obtain a pass from the nurse to leave. Students arriving late, must 1) bring a note from their parent (or medical/legal), or 2) the parent may come in to the appropriate secretary to receive an excused tardy pass to class (See MHS tardy policy).

Make-up Work: Students may complete work for all excused and for up to 10 unexcused absences. Once a student is identified as a habitual truant (10 unexcused full day absences) make-up work may be provided for the student unless the principal and teacher determines otherwise based on the data provided. On the first day back to a class, students are responsible for requesting make-up assignments. Failure to complete make-up work in the time allowed may place students at risk of not earning class credits. Students will have the opportunity to complete the work in a period of time equal to the number of days absent unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by the student and the teacher. 

Teachers may need 24 hours from the time of the request to compile assignments. Check the school site for up-to-date assignments. It is expected that students will take semester finals on the days that they are scheduled. Students will be permitted to make up finals if they are missed due to an excused absence as listed above. Requesting permission to take a final exam early is discouraged. Approval of such a request will rest with the teacher in consultation with the curriculum assistant principal. 

School-Imposed Absences: Absences imposed by Manzano High School, e.g., suspension, referrals by counselor, nurse, administrator, etc., will count as a school-related absence.

Tardies: If a student is late to school, they should go directly to class. All students will be admitted to class for all tardies. Teachers are expected to give consequences for all tardies, with the exception of an excused tardy. If students have written note from parents excusing the tardy, they must take it to secretary to receive an excused tardy slip to present to teacher. No consequences will be given if student has an excused tardy. Excused tardies are given only for medical/dentist/court appointments. 

1st/2nd Tardy: Class consequence

3rd Tardy:     Class consequence and teacher will contact parent.

4th Tardy: Class consequence, parent contact and referral for three days lunch detention

Subsequent tardies: Class consequence, parent contact, and referral for additional consequences

In addition to classroom consequences, random tardy sweeps will be conducted: ID’s will be taken from tardy students in order to consequence the students, without keeping them out of class any longer than necessary. Consequences for being tardy at Manzano can include time in an alternative academic or community service setting (i.e. lunch, after school).

Students who miss more than 50% of the class period are considered absent for the entire period. Parents must notify the school in accordance with the notification procedure listed above.

Skipping School or Class: Students found out of class without permission, on or off campus, will be referred to the office for consequences and possible citation for truancy, requiring an appearance in court. Students will not be allowed to make up work for administratively documented truancies.