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NM College Guide

The link below will take you to a NM College Guide. It gives details for all of our NM colleges including costs, admissions information and fast facts. 

College and University Guide

NM College Scholarships

This is not an enlisted recruitment opportunity.  This is to present students (they don't have to be ROTC) with a tuition benefit of $180,000.  SAT scores have been lowered this year to cumulative of 1150.   Students can apply and decide not to accept the scholarship, they also may be awarded and after the first year decline to continue without having any obligation to pay it back.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Scholarship are available!

Some New Mexico Colleges Require the FAFSA to be on file for the Lottery. 

What is needed to complete the FAFSA:

Identity, Family + Other Info

  • Both the parent and student need to create separate FSA IDs
  • Parent(s) and student’s full legal names
  • Parent(s) and student’s birth dates
  • Parent(s) and student’s Social Security Number (SSN), permanent resident card, green card, or I-94 (Note- if your parent doesn’t have a social security number you can still apply- see Tips section)
  • Parent(s) and student’s mobile phone numbers and emails (if available, cannot be the same)
  • List of schools the student is considering
  • Student’s driver’s license (if they have one)
  • Parent(s) marriage status and dates. If divorced, the month and year of the divorce.

Tax & Financial Info

  • Parent(s) and student’s federal tax return (If they have one)
  • Parent(s) and student’s W-2 and other records of income.
  • Annual amounts of untaxed income received in the household (SSI, Child Support, SNAP Benefits, etc.)
  • Bank statements and records of investments (the home you live in and retirement accounts are not counted here)
  • If your parent owns a business with more than 100 employees or an investment farm, know the total value of the business.


Who is my parent for FAFSA?

APS Varsity Award Scholarship

The APS Education Foundation has created the Varsity Award Scholarship for Albuquerque Public School seniors in the Class of 2021. Five scholarships will be awarded through a random drawing in the amount of $1000 each. For a complete explanation of entry requirements, please visit the Varsity Award Scholarship Announcement

Students can enter the scholarship up to 10 times (once for each category).  

Scholarship Entry Form

The deadline for entries is April 30, 2020.