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Approved Minutes

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Instructional Council (IC)

Upcoming agenda 

The next Instructional Council meeting will be on May 19 at 2:45pm to discuss the following agenda items: 

  1. Clarification regarding ELTP

  2. The first week back

  3. August PD

Instructional Council Mission

The mission of the Manzano High School Instructional Council is to improve instruction and enhance student learning.

The IC will meet our mission by:

  • Improving excellence in education for the school stakeholders.

  • Implementing the MHS vision and mission statement.

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and other standards across the curriculum and supporting the Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS) goals of Manzano High School.

  • Identifying potential areas of growth to impact our students in a positive way.

  • Preparing and supporting teachers in their delivery of the CCSS.

  • Providing constituents a voice through their IC representatives to arrive at a consensus for issues that affect any school-wide instructional issue.

  • Following protocols as provided within the Negotiated Agreement and the related policies of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education, and the Public Education Department of New Mexico.

Manzano Consensus

Instructional Council Officers

Chair:  Derek Villanueva

Vice-Chair:  Teddi Toniolli

Co-Secretaries: Heather Gillespie, Teresa Hargis

Principal:  Rachel Vigil


Officer Emails
Contact Heather Gillespie  Heather Gillespie (505) 559-2200 ex: 23402 Culinary Arts
Contact Teresa Hargis  Teresa Hargis ex: 23415 English/AVID
Contact Teddi Toniolli  Teddi Toniolli ex: 23395 English/AVID
Contact Derek Villanueva  Derek Villanueva ex: 23380 Social Studies