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Health Office Personnel

Contact Cynthia Ramsey  Cynthia Ramsey Staff
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Cindy Ramsey, Nurse

Annette Underhill, ISP Nurse

559-2200 ext. 23244 and 23222


All students attending Albuquerque Public Schools must be currently immunized. The requirements at the high school level are 1) diphtheria-tetanus, a series of three plus a booster every ten years, 2) polio (oral) a series of three, 3) rubella. Students new to Manzano are strongly urged to have a doctor's examination.

Over-the-counter medication, including aspirin, cannot be given to students. Parents may send a full bottle of Tylenol, etc., to be kept in the Nurse’’s office for individual student use. Students taking prescribed medication should inform the nurse. Doctor’’s orders must be on file with the Nurse for prescription medications to be taken at school. 

School Based Health Center

Manzano High School has a School-Based Health Center.

The School-Based Health Center is a collaboration between Manzano High School (MHS), New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.

Visit the School-Based Health Center