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Contact Info

Jessica Carr Whittet

Activities Director, Student Senate Advisor

(505)559-2200  ext. 23216

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Send @senatemh to 81010

Forms / Applications

Snack Break and Bar

Student Senate

Senate Class Schedule

Monday: Study Hall

Tuesday (Officers Only): 6:30am

Wednesday (ALL): 6:30am

Thursday (ALL): 6:30am

Friday (ALL): 6:30am

Submit Proof for: Sports, Fine Arts, Banner, Club

DEADLINE is ONE WEEK PRIOR to the end of 6-week grading period-

Senate Calendar

MHS Senate Calendar

Student Body Officers

President- Ethan Reed

Vice President- Shelby Miller

Secretary- Jamie Ha

Treasurer- Ayanna Teague


Class Officers


Class of 2021

President - Kevin Luu

Vice-President -

Alex Phommachack

Secretary - Mary Jane Weaver 

Treasurer - 


Class of 2022

President - Breanna Allen

Vice-President - Nicholas Henderson

Secretary - Ashley Patzan

Treasurer - Eleanor White 


Class of 2023

President-Leela Miles 

Vice-President- Sierra Dixon 




Class of 2024